Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7th Annual S.O.S. Fest is happenning 4-20!

7th Annual S.O.S. Fest ~ Save Our Salmon ~
....A festival inspired by & in celebration of Muir Creek
SATURDAY APRIL 20th, 2013 4pm-1am    
ALL AGES at the  Shirley Hall

Live Music:

Dub Central~Prepare for lift-off with Dub Central, featuring 3 of the band's foundational members, ready to transform you with their revolutionary live dub sound~

Mr. Fantastik & JahReQuest~Very excited to welcome back Mr. Fantastik with his beautifully crafted lyrics & melody full of potent message along with Jah ReQuest, bringing the roots sound that opens your heart & sets your soul free

Seamonkeys~This elusive trio comes out when the local party is happening bringing their fans who rock out late-night to their unique fusion of old-school surf-rock, reggae and funk.

Meagan Maria~Be transported to a place of flowing days and lyrical language with her sweet melodies

Irie Aloha vibes with D.J. Hayden, providing the sweet sound

Wavey Visuals with Dubland Studios

Bellydancing performances by the elegant & talented Jacqui Kerr

Stories of the Creek with Kate Woods

Healing Chant for Muir Creek with Alanda Carver

Gourmet sushi with Kyle & Cindy

Beer, wine & cider served in style by bartender Burley

Kids Music Workshop 5pm-6pm

Camping available at beautiful French Beach Provincial Park, 1km from the venue. Sunday morning breakfast available at Shirley Delicious, across the road from the venue or at

Deja Vu...at the Breakers in Jordan River, 10km away and with a blissful view of where River Jordan meets the sea and the Juan de Fuca.

Both places include lots of love in their food~~~