SOS Fest 2007 
The 1st Annual Save our Salmon Benefit Concert in Memory of Willet

Members of Space 9 & Head High jamming, SOS Fest  2007

The Backyard String Band, SOS Fest 2007

Musical Line-up for SOS Fest ’07
Space 9 funk, jazz, dub, & drum n' bass transmissions from Vancouver
Seamonkeys… an energetic mix of funk, punk, ska, surf, rock and reggae
Head High roots, rock, reggae & dub
Dan Swinimer...seasoned singer/songwriter and drummer from Vancouver
Waves on Monday local singer/songwriters play tasty & original wave-inspired music with weaving harmonies to soothe the soul…
The Backyard String Band an old-timey band from Victoria
Battery Head
Gerald Fitzella roots, altfolk and punkgrass
D.J. Urban Hippee
Donated Door Prizes & Support by 
Dubland Studios & Visuals
Earth’n’Stone Landscaping & Woodworks
Wood Girl

Willet at Muir Creek